What is Better Workouts?

Better Workouts provides an easy way to monitor and track progress for your cycling, running and workout activities.
Train smarter not harder! Better Workouts is designed to help you visualize your workout data from the Health app. Better Workouts supports additional metrics like Heart Rate Zones and time based progress charts that will help you take your training to the next level.


  • Workouts feed show maps for outdoor activities
  • Powerful workouts filter
  • Fitness dashboard to help you focus on the Big Picture
  • Training log lets you compare weekly activities relative to each other by distance or time
  • Review details, map and charts for individual workouts
  • Interactive splits let you analyze your workouts using multiple distance intervals
  • Monitor your effort on individual workouts with Heart Rate Zones
  • Add tags to keep track of your bike, shoes, trails, long runs and more
  • Track your weekly and monthly progress with charts
  • Analyze your metrics using multiple timeframes in Tags and Progress sections
  • Show off your workouts and fitness progress with your friends on social media
  • Import FIT files to Health app including route map and chart analysis

File Imports

Have you tried to import a workout from a third-party app or device to the Health app? Was some information missing like the map or heart rate data? Better Workouts can import FIT files recorded with your cycling computer or smartwatch. The app will try to save as much data as possible about your workout into the Health app including map, events, heart rate and distance samples. You worked hard for that data and should have full control over it.
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