How do I Import Workout from my Garmin Device?

Better Workouts can read any workout that is available in Apple Health, but most third-party app or hardware vendors only write the bare minimum like total distance, calories and maybe average heart rate.
Workouts from devices other than Apple Watch should be imported using FIT files (when available) to show you all metrics and charts available during the Workout. This includes maps, speed, pace, splits, heart rate, cycling cadence, etc.
Importing workouts from Garmin devices requires two steps:
  1. Downloading the FIT file from the Garmin Connect Website to the Files app on your iPhone
  2. Importing the Workout from the Files app
Note: In the future, you will be able to do this automatically directly from Better Workouts. If you’re interested in this feature send me a request to I can’t make any promises but I will reconsider my priorities if there’s enough interest.
Before importing a Workout… Open Better Workouts and make sure there aren’t any temporary screens open like Settings or Filters.

PART 1: Downloading FIT file from Garmin Connect Website

It’s recommended to do this step from the same device where Better Workouts is installed.
  1. Go to and login to your account
  2. Click on a Workout
  3. Click on the Gear icon
  4. Click on Export Original link
This will download a ZIP file to the Download folder in the Files app.

PART 2: Import Workout from Files App

  1. Open Files app and select Browse tag
  2. Select iCloud Drive from Locations
  3. Select Downloads folder
  4. Look for the downloaded ZIP file - Garmin files are usually all numbers (
  5. Tap on the ZIP file to decompress the FIT file
  6. Tap and hold the FIT file (
  7. Tap on the Share button
  8. Look for the Better Workouts icon on the activity sheet (you may need to tap on the More button to find the Better Workouts icon)
  9. Better Workouts should open and display the import screen
  10. Review the Workout and tap on the Import button

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