How do I Prevent Creating Duplicate Workouts on Apple Health when Importing Workouts?

Most apps like Garmin, Wahoo, Strava, etc. write Workouts automatically to Apple Health. The problem is that most third-party app or hardware vendors only write the bare minimum like total distance, calories and maybe average heart rate.
Workouts from devices other than Apple Watch should be imported using FIT files (when available) to show you all metrics and charts available during the Workout. This includes maps, speed, pace, splits, heart rate, cycling cadence, etc.
In order to avoid creating duplicate Workouts in Apple Health, you need to make sure that only one App writes an individual Workout to Apple Health.
Here’s an example based on my own Workouts:
  1. I record Bike Rides with a Wahoo ELMNT BOLT cycling computer (this is my main activity)
  2. I also record Runs and Walks with my Apple Watch
  3. I import all my Bike Rides to Better Workouts using FIT files
  4. I need to prevent the Wahoo ELMNT app from writing workouts to Apple Health (since I’m importing them manually)
  5. I don’t need to do anything about Runs and Walks since they will be imported automatically by the Workouts app on my Apple Watch
NOTE: The current example is based on my own experience with a Wahoo ELMNT Bolt but the same should apply to other scenarios for apps or devices that support exporting Workouts via FIT files. (Garmin, Wahoo, Strava, etc.)

Disable Write Permissions for Apps in Apple Health

  1. Open Apple Health app
  2. Tap on Profile button on top right corner
  3. Tap on Apps on Privacy section
  4. Look for the App that you want to limit permissions (ELMNT in this example)
  6. READ permissions should be enabled

This will prevent the Wahoo app from writing Workouts to Apple Health, since I plan to upload them manually from Better Workouts.


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