Why are some metrics missing from my Workout?

Better Workouts reads data stored by third-party apps in the Health app. Many third-party apps do a poor job at recording detailed data samples like for location, distance, heart rate, calories, etc. Better Workouts uses these data samples to calculate charts, dynamic splits, heart rate samples, training load and more.

I recommend importing workouts in two ways to guarantee that you'll see all your workout metrics.

Option 1: Importing a FIT file from a cycling computer or smartwatch (i.e. Garmin or Wahoo)

This was main main motivation for developing Better Workouts. I use a cycling computer for my bike rides and an Apple Watch all other workouts.

Better Workouts will import all individual samples for distance, location coordinates, calories, heart rate, cycling cadence to Apple health. 

Option 2: Using Apple's Workout App

The Workout app is reliable and battle tested. And since it's developed by Apple, it records all data samples needed to show your detailed metrics.

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